I never thought I’d get to be a hair-hopper but yesterday I had my chance and boy oh boy was it fun!  I played model yesterday for a Bust Magazine photo fashion story (all of this terminology is quite new to me)  set in the 60’s.   

The two other models were musicians from Williamsburg, Brooklyn–Nikki Lane and Joe Plunket.  
We shot all over Nashville and I wore more pairs of high-waisted jeans in 10 hours than I’ve ever worn in my life.  The spread should be out in the May or June issue of Bust.  It was a very new experience for me and to be totally honest, it made me really glad that I am a full-time musician and not a full time model.  It was an exhausting day!
And I get to smile a lot more when I play music 🙂
Thanks for reading Friends.
Nora Jane
P.S.  Check out Nikki Lane and Joe Plunket’s band The Weight on myspace