Howdy Folks!  And welcome to Nora Jane’s Closet.

This is what my closet looks like right…now.  No…now.  Well, this is what my closet looked like on March 23, 2009.  It may never be the same again.
I like colors.
I like dresses.
I like cotton and linen.
I like dresses that reach my knees.
(I like vintage undergarments.  Shhh.)
I like the styles of the 1930’s– hard to find.
I like the styles of the 1940’s–less hard to find.
I like the styles of the 1950’s–easy to find and oh boy have I found some gems!
I wear dresses almost everyday from March to November.  This past year I developed a two-dress-a-day habit.  I have a lovely, and ever expanding collection of day dresses and night time dresses.  
I wonder what I’ll wear tomorrow?
Thanks for reading friends,
Nora Jane