This past summer I picked up this lovely little powder-blue linen number on my travels between fiddler’s conventions.   I wore it once, paired with a not so delicate suede brown belt and my brown moccasins and then hung it guiltily in my closet.  
Last night I resurrected this smart looking 1940’s gem and wore it much more successfully than the first time by pairing it with my favorite heals (farylrobin) and a bronze cloth belt that was gifted to me by my grandmother, Evelyn Struthers.  I actually borrowed the belt from a matching dress that my grandmother wore when she was pregnant with my father!  That is one reason old clothes are so wonderful– they have a history all their own.  When picking out a new dress to add to my wardrobe, I often ponder over its previous owner and what she might have been doing while wearing that dress; it’s a wonderful exercise in creative thinking and historical imagining.  
The details of this dress are just darling: the bow tie at the top, the large mother-of-pearl buttons, and the way the back of the skirt is a touch longer than the front.  The 40’s are alright in my book.
Although the sweet bird-patterned heals were much better suited to the delicate fabric and trim cut of the frock, I must admit that they did not make it with me into the music party I attended.  I switched to my new “frost” colored moccasins (the ones with the beaded eagle on top) before I even got into my minivan.  Function over fashion ladies…almost always!
Thanks for reading friends.
Nora Jane