Dear Friends,

My sister, Abby, is having a baby girl! Last weekend PJ and I traveled to New Jersey for her baby shower and, since we were making the big trip anyway, decided to go a few days early to catch up with friends in New York City and visit the Brooklyn vintage stores I used to frequent when I was a New Yorker.
We went into New York on Thursday afternoon and made a brief stop at the David Gage Bass Shop in Soho/Chinatown where PJ and I were awed by some truly magnificent instruments and some very kind service.

Then we headed to Williamsburg, Brooklyn—Vise-Versa on Bedford was our first stop. Unlike many vintage stores in Manhattan, Vise-Versa keeps it’s prices fairly low (dresses stay around the 15-25 dollar range and shirts and skirts are almost always $15 or less.) While I was hunting through the dress racks, one of my old students, Mario, came over and said hello. I’d not forgotten that his parents own the store, but he looked so grown-up that I didn’t recognize him.

I didn’t find any dresses that were perfect for me this time, but in the past, I’ve purchased some real winners that have become go-to performance wear. I did find a non-vintage item with a vintage aesthetic—a blue and white gingham button down made by H&M—that was marked at $7, but Mario insisted that I just take it. Thanks Mario! PJ found a rockin’ black western shirt with white fringe. Oh yeah.

Thanks for reading!

Nora Jane