After a stop at the Bedford Cheese Shoppe to purchase some sundries for my papa’s birthday, we walked down a few blocks to the wonderful, Beacon’s Closet where I could have spent hours and hours, if we hadn’t already made dinner plans with friends in Manhattan.
Vintage shopping in a time crunch requires focus and expertise, especially when you’re hunting for gems of a particular vintage (in my case, of the 1940’s and 50’s). I made a B-line for the dress racks in the back of the store and then narrowed my focus, simply looking at the material of the dresses; more specifically, I searched for dresses made of cotton and linen—the fabrics of the earlier half of the twentieth century.
I found six that looked promising and headed for the dressing room where I found that several of them fit, but only one was a keeper and here’s the shocking part…it was new dress made in 1940’s style. (No, not as good as an original 1940’s, but hey, if the dress fits…)

Vintage Detail:

*cris-cross back with button fastens
*high waist with a strait skirt
*classic 40’s pockets

I took it home with me and secretly planned on wearing the very next day (which is the best part of buying a new old, or a new old-looking, dress.)
Here’s a video I took while wearing the dress the day of my sister’s baby shower/party:

Thanks for reading and watching!
Nora Jane