Dear Friends,

PJ and I just returned home to Nashville from our first ever Duo Tour! We played live on Tampa’s radio station WMNF. We also played four house concerts and one bar show. It was big fun and a big success.

One of our shows was in San Antonio, Florida (I bet you were thinking Texas!) at The Garage Mahal, a lovely house concert series hosted by Rochelle and Norman Morris (pictured above).

Rochelle and I share a love of vintage clothing (as well as shoes, jewelry, belts, and other such trinkets.) For this show I decided to wear a vintage floral skirt that was actually mailed to me by Andrea Martin, a lovely woman in Tulsa, Oklahoma who hosted a house concert for my band back in November. She too has a passion for vintage clothing and asked me, via a very sweet email, if I would mind if she sent me clothes!! Can you believe that? Anyhow, Andrea sent me this cheery skirt and our show at The Garage Mahal was it’s debut on stage.

I paired the skirt with an aqua top and a hot pink cardigan and tied it all together with my trust brown woven belt and ballet flats.

What a colorful outfit! It made me happy just wearing it.

The show was so fun. Thank you Rochelle and Norman!

And thanks for reading friends!

Nora Jane