I just bought this charming 1930’s chocolate-brown lace dress on Sunday and if there’s one thing that makes me feel good about buying new-old dresses, it’s wearing them out for a night on the town the next day!  

This dress is facinating because, like all dresses from the earlier part of the 20th century, it has no zipper.  However, unlike the other dresses I have seen from the 30’s and 40’s, this dress closes with beautiful sturdy brass hooks rather than buttons or snaps.  Sturdy breass hooks paired with intricate brown lace make this dress seem very much like a work of art.  

Monday night is Nashville is my favorite night in Nashville.  WESTERN SWING NIGHT!!!
First, dancing at Robert’s on Broadway to John Legend’s fantastic Western Swing band.  
This past Monday was particularly wonderful because a big group of friends got together to engage in some good clean dancing fun.  In these photos:  Emily Miller, Jesse Milnes, Joe Bass, Allison Williams, Joe Overton, and a new acquaintance; my dear friend Emily Miller recognized the sharp looking gent at the bar as none other than the Manuel, the “Rhinestone Rembrandt.”  Manuel has been creating couture for musicians, including Johnny Cash, Elvis, and Bob Dylan.  We got our picture made with him — how fashion blog appropriate is that?  
After dancing at Robert’s, we headed over to the World Famous Station Inn to see the best music Nashville has to offer– The Time Jumpers.  Folks, if you ever come to Nashville, make sure you arrange your visit so that you can stay in town Monday night.  The music of the Time Jumpers will change you, for the better.  
If you can’t make it on a Monday night, try for a Wednesday night and go see the reigning Swing Vocalist of the Year, Carolyn Martin with her fine band at the Nashville Palace.  She is a joy.
All of this good music almost makes a gal not care what she’s wearing…almost.
Thanks for reading friends.
Nora Jane