The Band: Danny Clark, Me, and Ben Sanders.

Dear Friends,

In November, my band and I were the luckiest because we got to play at Hickory Tree House Concerts in Kansas, Oklahoma. (That really is the name of the town–it’s in the Oklahoma Ozarks. Beautiful.)

Our hosts we’re so gracious.
Their house was a perfect space for a House Concert.
We had our own private cabin next to the beautiful river.
I got to go in a casino for the first time ever.
We got fed, a lot. (lunch at the casino, dinner at the house, and a campfire breakfast next to the river the morning after with friends and neighbors!)

Many thanks to Steve and Kathy.

I wore my purple and white plaid early 1950’s dress, which I picked up in West Virginia at an antique store for $14, and my tan ballet flats. This combo is perfect for flat-flooting and Steve and Kathy specially requested flat-footing 🙂

Thanks for reading friends!

Nora Jane