Dear Friends,

Well it appears the month of November got away from me but fear not! There was in fact very stylish stuff going on and it was in fact documented, though not yet blogged about.

Let’s start with last night and we’ll move backwards into November as the week progresses.

Yesterday I purchased this lovely 1940’s gem. The pattern is, if you can see, red hats and white canes on black cotton. It buttons up the front (no zipper) and had a tie at the neck. I love the long sleeves and white small-waffle cloth trim around the cuffs.

I got so many compliments on this dress last night at Robert’s Western World, on Broadway, I know that it was a good buy. One man actually paused on his way out of the bar and said, “You’ve got the best dress in here.” Wow! The power of a vintage dress is amazing.

I paired it with a red leather belt and pseudo-saddle-shoes; perfect for dancing.

Thank you 1940’s; you are swell.

Thanks for reading friends.

Nora Jane