Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to formally announce that I recently became the new lead singer in a totally awesome band called Bearfoot! Hoorah! For the first photo-shoot with the band, I had a serious decision to make: should I carry-over my custom of performing in vintage clothing or should I create a new persona and have my vintage duds be exclusive to my solo carrier. (I even considered choosing a different decade for the new band!) Well, after hours and hours of thought, I finally decided on a comprise.

For my solo gig I am going to continue performing in 1940’s and 50’s dresses– mostly of the cotton day-dress variety– and with Bearfoot, I am going to give myself a little more freedom to use vintage pieces along with modern pieces. (Although, for the shows we played two weeks ago, I wore a 1950’s red dress…nothing modern about it. 🙂

In the above photos I am wearing a 1950’s teal bathing suit and a 1940’s thick-woven linen skirt. The bathing suit, I purchased several years ago in Brooklyn, NY. At the time, I felt a little silly spending about a hundred of my hard earned bucks on a 50 year old bathing suit (complete with wire ribbing and rooshing!!!) but now I am so glad that I grabbed it when I did. I found the skirt in Nashville’s very own vintage treasure-trove Pre-to-Post Modern on 8th Avenue.

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Thanks for reading friends!

Nora Jane