Lovin’ You Lyric Contest and Music Video

Write your own line to this song and post below or on this Facebook thread.

Example: “If I was a tater, lovin’ you would be hot oil.” – “If I was a seedling, lovin’ you, I’d be soiled”
5 LUCKY WINNERS, one chosen by each of the band members will receive a special package in the mail. Prize gift package will include unreleased music, 3 can coozies, a letter, and other surprises.


  • Nora
    Keep up the Good Work.
    And I also want to Thank WXPN in Philadelphia for doing an interview with you and introducing me to your music.
    Jim Baker

  • Katharine Caprise

    If I was a flower, lovin’ you would be the leaves/sun. If my day was sour, lovin’ you would make me gay. If I was the sunset, lovin’ you would be the colors that ended every single day.

  • If I was a guitar, lovin you would be the strings.
    If I was a banjo, lovin you would make it ring!

  • How fun is this NJS!! – I’ve turned a lyric or two now and then so I’ll give it a go:

    If I were the rock, lovin’ you would be the roll
    If I gave my heart, lovin’ you would save my soul
    If I were the Queen of Diamonds, you would be my King
    If I were your love, then lovin’ you’d be everything
    Yeah lovin’ you would be my everything
    Oh yes lovin’ you be my everything

    If I were the whiskey, lovin you would be the rye
    If I were the earth, lovin’ you would be the sky
    If I were the perfume, then you’d be my cologne
    I once was just a house, but lovin’ you made me a home
    Oh yeah lovin’ you will always be my home
    Yes so lovin’ you will always be our home

    -Mark Kerecman

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