Dear Friends,

At the end of my last tour, actually, on the very last day of the tour, driving from Johnson City, TN in the rain,  we had an accident– I was driving and we hydroplaned into the grassy ditch of a median.  Everyone was okay, no one was hurt, which is of course the most important thing.  
 Unfortunately, the car, my beloved 1998 Honda Odyesey, not ok.  We drove her all the way back to Nashville that day and made it in time to play our amazing triple bill, with The Sweetback Sisters and The Rachel Hester Band, at the 5 Spot, but when the insurance company came to assess the damage, I was informed that it would cost more to repair my darling than she was “worth.”
So after some shopping around and test driving, I settled on a brand new, used 2004 Honda Odyssey!!!!!!  When, however, I realized that I would be trading-in my old darling for the new one, I became very sad.  You see, since I moved to Nashville, Last August 17th, I have moved FOUR times, but I’ve always had my car.  It was truly a sad thing to give her up.
To the dealership I wore one of my favorite 1950’s cotton dresses–it has a full skirt making it perfect for dancing.  (relevant?  no.)
Check out the new car:
Thanks for reading friends.
Nora Jane