Dear Friends,

I am feeling so grateful for all the support my Kickstarter has already received.  So to return the love, I made you a mixtape!


Here are three songs I wrote for individuals who backed the Carnival Kickstarter and chose the $1,000 Reward: tell me your story and I’ll write you a song.  The song “The Other Side” actually made it on to our new album, WAKE.


The Other Side – written for Martha who wanted a song about growing up in a small town/rural area, not feeling like she fit in, and wanting to get out and see the world.

Lonnie and Janice – written for Jan who wanted to immortalize her parents’ first date and love story, which happens to involve pimento cheese.

Cold and Lonely Dark – written for Paul who has had an incredibly difficult life and wanted me to capture some of that pain in a song for him.

Thanks for reading friends!


Nora Jane
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