Dear Friends,

Winter is tough on a Vintage Dress Wear-er… I’d like to chalk my long absence on the virtual clothes rack up to several things:

#1: It’s been very cold.
#2: There’s been a lot of snow in the places to which I’ve been traveling.
#3: It’s been quiet cold.

But never fear dear Vintage Aficionados! I’ve happened upon a solution.


I don’t have to be cold if I’m blogging about tiny vintage dresses 🙂

My sister is having a baby girl, due June 18th, and when I happened upon this charming home-made vintage blue and white polka dot (you know how much I love polka dots) dress, all I had to hear from the sales woman was “$5” before making it my future niece’s first day-dress.

I especially like the white muslin collar.

Thanks for reading friends!

Nora Jane

P.S. I’m heading to Florida on tour this week so hopefully warm weather and dresses are in my future!