One of the things that makes you appreciate, REALLY appreciate, The Party Line is the versatility of the musicians.  The Party Line musicians don’t just play one instrument — they ALL move around, comfortably, as Nora Jane’s sets unfold.

Joe Overton is a remarkable example of this versatility.  Originally from Smithville, TN, Joe has been traveling and playing music across the U. S. and Europe since 2007. Joe features a thrilling banjo, but he also plays guitar, fiddle, and pedal steel.  Joe sings on many of Nora Jane’s beautiful songs, and he is an accomplished songwriter of his own.

Joe spent years studying and teaching Old-Time fiddle and banjo music, and, before moving back to Tennessee to join The Party Line,  was living in Charlottesville, VA, fronting the Honky Tonk band The Clear Blue Sky.  In 2012, Joe also spent some time touring Ireland with the New York-based old-time roots band, Tumbling Bones.