Dear Friends,

Well, it’s official.  I love Arkansas.  
My band and I played our first big gig this past Saturday night and wow-ee-zow was it a good show.  The crowd at the Ozark Folk Center was wonderful (shout out to The White Family from Georgia!) and all the folks behind the scenes were so helpful and kind.  Musicians:  If you ever get an opportunity to play at the Ozark Folk Center–I suggest you jump on it! In addition to everything else, the sound is great and playing on their stage is a pleasure.
My dress, as you can see, is a pale pink, 50’s ribbon dress.  I purchased this one in my NYC days at a vintage shop on East 11th St.  
I used hot rollers, for the fourth time ever, and found that, like most things, they get easier to use with practice.  
Special thanks to Carl Adkins for all of his work at the Folk Center, for giving a young band a big shot, and for the pizza after the show.  Carl, you’re a keeper.
Thanks for reading friends. 
Nora Jane