Dear Friends,


If you ever drive from Nashville to Colorado in a loaded down Honda Odyssey minivan, do not take County Road 8 over Ophir’s Pass to get over the mountains in between Silverton in Telluride unless: you like driving as slow as the minivan can possibly go, fording small mountain streams, being really quiet so as to avoid creating an avalanche, hairpin turns on a railing-less rocky mountain road, and have at least one extra person to get out at the top and walk most of the rest of the way moving the larger rocks out of the road so you don’t lose your exhaust pipe or bottom out. 

If however, you either do want the aforementioned things to happen or you happen to have a high clearance four-wheel drive vehicle, then GO FOR IT because it was an unbelievably beautiful road from which to experience the Rocky Mountains with my sweetie, PJ.

Thanks for reading friends.


Nora Jane