Dear Friends,

Once or twice before in my life, I have been given vintage dresses by kindly women who are looking for a good home for a dress, but never have I been given something that is so exactly aligned with the era and style of dress on which I have patterned my “look.” After hearing that I was wearing a true 1940’s seersucker romper (blog post to follow :), Nancy, resident of Middletown, RI, came up to me during the intermission of our show at Common Fence Music last night and told me she had several of her grandmother’s dresses form the 40’s in her closet. When she asked me if I would I be interested in adopting them, I jumped up with an enthusiastic, “Yes!”

The bootleggers and I stopped by her house first thing this morning wear I tried on this amazing garment. As we got in the car to drive away, Dave, my mandolin player, said, “I think that might be the best dress you own.” I think I might just agree.

Thanks for reading friends!

Nora Jane