Dear Friends,

The Bootleggers and I spent a magical 10 days touring in northern California in February. One the highlights of our adventure was a private event hosted by the lovely couple, Tiffany and Jonathan, pictured above.

The Theme: Mad Men
The Guests: San Fransisco’s Finest. Hard Working, Good Looking, Well Spoken, and Exquisitely Dressed.

As you may know, I specialize in 40’s and 50’s dresses, and the hosts did not tell me until we were already in California that the party was a Mad Men Party! It was pure serendipity that at our first gig in California, at The West Side Theater in Newman, the woman who runs the theater gave me this lovely 1960’s olive-taupe velvet cocktail dress which fit – perfectly. This dress features a crepe sash and billowing- swag down the left side and a open neck-line. Tiffany is also sporting a 1960’s coctail dress with a similar floral motif. I love her dress’s brilliant turquoise and gold and with Tiffany’s blonde hair, it’s a knock-out combination!

Special thanks to Farris for the dress and to Tiffany and Jonathan for such a memorable evening! I hope to see you soon.

Thanks for reading friends.

Nora Jane