In this age of social media, it’s all too easy to see our differences and forget the things we have in common. I was reminded of this over the past few weeks, as Joe and I have played house concerts during our Homecoming tour. After each show, when the guests have all gone home and we’re sitting around chatting with the hosts in their home, the conversation almost always finds its way to politics.  Sometimes we all have similar views; sometimes we don’t.  Regardless though, there’s something about sitting down at someone else’s kitchen table and being served homemade food that makes it easier to listen and really hear to their perspective.    

That experience was part of the inspiration for a new song that I wrote with my friend Korby Lenker.  We wrote the song and a few days later got some friends together here in Nashville to record it.  Korby and I wanted to get it into the world as soon as possible.  The song is titled, “Let’s Just Have Supper” and NPR’s World Cafe is premiering it today.  Please take a listen – maybe it will inspire you to share a meal with the family members or friends in your life who have different opinions. Maybe if we all just have supper together, we can make things better.