Dear Friends,

Well, I am sure this will come as a shock to some of you, but amongst Old-Time Musicians and music-lovers, overalls are an impressive piece of vintage apparel and some folks are no less brand-crazy than the teenyboppers of yore.  I was gifted this pair of vintage Washingtons (which I was told are from the 1920’s) and I have been literally stopped in the fire lanes at festivals and fiddler’s conventions by folks, who ask in disbelief, 
STRANGER:  “Hey, are those Washingtons?”
NJ:  “Why yes they are!”
STRANGER: “Those are gettin’ hard ta come by.”  (Very impressed.)
I sure do like em!  I especially like that they have an extra button on each side that allows me to have a waist even in overalls!  Yeah 1920’s!
Thanks for reading friends.
Nora Jane