Dear Friends,

At our show in Tulsa, OK, the audience took it upon themselves to dress the part donning 1950’s cocktail dresses, fedoras, skinny ties and vests. What a good looking crowd!

I wore a dress that I received in the mail…yes that’s right, I am now acquiring vintage via USPS. After playing in Tulsa last year, the hostess of this house concert series, Andrea, sent me a package containing a Hawaiian Print Skirt, 50’s beaded sweater, earrings, a necklace, and this gorgeous 50’s cocktail dress…all of which fit perfectly! I love the deep V neckline, sexy red floral print, and bell-shaped skirt.

Should anyone out there have a vintage piece that they would like to donate to the Nora Jane Performance Closet, my P.O. Box is #68159, Nashville, TN 37206. 🙂

Thanks for reading friends!

Nora Jane