Dear Friends,

I found this dress 3 years ago in the 8th Avenue Antique Mall in Nashville.  I tried it on and fell in love, but they were asking $80 for it and just could bring myself to spend that kind of money on it.  I returned one week later with intentions of bitting the bullet and buying it despite the price tag, but it was gone!  I’ve searched for it there many times since that day to no avail.

Then, a few months ago, I was driving past one of my favorite East Nashville vintage shops – Fanny’s House of Music – on a Saturday.  They had rack upon rack of vintage clothing set-up on the lawn outside the shop.  I parked my car and started searching through the beautiful pieces.  I was shocked when I slid aside a polyester 70’s jumper and revealed this beautiful dress!  It found me!

Beautiful Blue 1940’s Waitress uniform
This dress truly has an ingenious design.  It’s a wrap dress and it has interchangeable front pieces.  So, if you spill coffee on the front of your uniform, you can just go into the back, undo the buttons, switch up the wrap, and voila!  You have a clean uniform on again!

I love the color and the durable cotton material.  I do feel a bit like a Disney Character in it though as I mention in the H&M Life fashion Feature Video:

Thanks for reading Friends!

Nora Jane