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    Dear Friends, I just launched my Patreon Page!  Patreon is an amazing new web-platform where artists who create content on a regular basis can offer their content in exchange for financial support – Patronage!  I’m going to use this website to share my new and unrecorded SONGS and[...]


Spring Awakening — I’m Ready for the Road


Dear Friends, I hope this note finds you all very well.  It’s Spring in Tennessee at the moment and I feel like I had totally surrendered to winter.  In the past I have dreaded winter, but this year I truly enjoyed being a bit of a shut-in.  I made many[...]

Celebrating our Spring Tour with a FREE 5-song sampler!


We start our Spring Tour (let’s just call it Spring, OK?) on Valentine’s Day in Cleveland, OH. To celebrate our LOVE for y’all, we want to share a 5-song sampler of some of our favorite songs. Just fill out the form below, and you’ll receive a PROMO code to download[...]

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