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We were absolutely blown away by this incredible review of Champion on NPR’s “Fresh Air” – a HUGE thank you to Ken Tucker for the kind words. We laughed out loud as his description of, uh, well … “a song about a time-specific conjugal assignation” (‘Let’s Get the Day Started Right’). And this is so wonderful: โ€œNora Jane Struthers has one of those strong, clear voices that cuts across the grain of a melody with a bracing sharpness…Nervier, thornier than most of the Americana I force myself to listen to.โ€ Really, just check the whole thing out because it’s SO GOOD, y’all.

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Iโ€™m beyond honored and so grateful to have found such enduring champions in Ann Powers and NPR.ย  Thank you for this beautifully crafted First Listen feature and for helping my music reach new ears.

Champion is beautifully structured, recalling the best work of Struthers’ elders, like Rosanne Cash and Nanci Griffith. It starts out in sweet pastoral mode with the love song “Each Season” and proceeds through playful bluegrass-tinged outings, quiet ballads, some vintage country sexiness (“Let’s Get The Day Started Right,” which sounds a little like Faith Hill circa 1998), and even a punk-inspired scorcher.”

Check out our new album via NPR now, and get ready for the official release on October 13!

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